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December 31, 2012

this place is kinda dead for now, here’s my recent blog with quotes :

On certain truths

May 4, 2012

There are philosophers who point out how truth is just a construct, a sort of pragmatic consensus, an instrument for some useful, for others harmful and dripping ideology, if not blood. It’s all very well I’m not about to get into details here. Actually, I generally agree yet there are consequences of this thesis to be explored, rather than the statement itself.

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Legacy of Roland Barthes

April 2, 2012

After all is said and done, Roland Barthes remains an important figure, a well-known intellectual with his work somewhat discontinued. They say there is no true disciple of his, a devoted person who would go further from where the neat Frenchman finished. There is, however, an overlooked piece of gold in the old chest of work he left and it needs to be picked up.

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On value

March 10, 2012

I got an email from UCL today. They ask students for money, about 6£ a month precisely in order to improve this and that. With a lot of background information how you can  help to improve the university facilities for yourself, be a well-mannered young man/woman etc. etc.

Now the basic interpretation is that they want some easy money, budget just isn’t right and there is a need for a few more possibilities financially-wise.  They want to lure me for the money just like that, shamelessly one could say. And in return there’s nothing to get save for some vague statements.

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Words matter

February 22, 2012

Ok, here’s a little experiment. Here is just one situation and two ways of describing it.

The first one is just a normal statement: Now, I go to the garage in order to do my work. That’s because with no Internet connection and mobile phone network it’s much easier to concentrate at the task at hand.

That’s it, maybe a bit unusual, yet reasonable enough. Still we can try to employ some techniques that would make it more intelligent and interesting.

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Is T. P. the first anon?

February 5, 2012

You know Anonymous. A mysterious, yet quite popular, loose collective of hackers/activists. That are to be expected or so they say. Since Pynchon’s identity is in fact unknown and his person is unreachable consequently that makes him anonymous as they come. However important is the case of reclusiveness and trying to hide from everyone for decades, this is not the main argument here. The point is that he invented Anonymous before they could ever learn that Linux is.

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e-razzle dazzle

January 24, 2012

I should comply with the trends and create a shorter post once or twice (edit: it haven’t worked out after all: /). Anyway, the Internet is buzzing about all the anti-piracy acts to be passed by USA, Poland, Brazil, UE and others. Along the way hackers from the Anonymous have a serious impact, well, at least in the internet media. With half of polish .gov sites down it is still hard to determine what will be the outcome of their actions. My answer is paradoxically clear. There is nothing to be sure of, no certainty whatsoever.

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Die science, die!

January 12, 2012

Alright. This post is here in order to declare a war. The hideous enemy is a very special kind of religion. Atheists are now probably standing around, cheering. Every religion should perish and all that. Well, not so fast. My main problem is exactly the religion of the atheists so to speak. Quantum revelations. The holy logic. Paradoxical or not, the religion of science is getting out of control. With its’ intentions hidden well, dressed as righteous secularity gleefully preaching the truth, the real and the good. Read more…

My own revolution

January 3, 2012

Well, excuse my solipsism but I have to put forward a certain question. Shouldn’t we only strive to change our own lives? Contrary to Marxist revolutionary inclination with the view to change the world, the society, to fight for freedom of all kinds. Don’t get me wrong. This message doesn’t apply to Syria and other oppressed countries. It shouldn’t concern Russians, Chinese, Nigerians. They have real, tangible problems. Here, we are locked in this weird category called first world problems. In Time magazine there is an article about protesters, inside a picture of a tormented man holding his broken iPhone. This, actually, is not the problem I see as most urgent. However insensitive it sounds. Read more…

If there’s nothing out there… (Part 2)

December 10, 2011

Long time, no see. The suspense turned into plain boredom.  Here is part 2, then.

The question last time was: ‘what to do if there is no god/freewill/good in the air’? Die? Cry? It works only for a short time, than the nightmare is back. The hedonistic way is complicated and tough. It usually gets you fed up with the whole world.

There is another way though. The ‘whatever’ way. The ‘I don’t care’ way. In other words live as if there were such things. (Probably Kant mentioned something like that – yet he said we can’t determine god’s existence and that’s slightly different) As if nothing changed. Blind faith. Artificial faith. And it might as well work. So you know that there is no logical reason for values. But you take them as yours. Give yourself some discipline, clear rules. So that you know who you are.

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